Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that haven’t been answered on our website.

Are your teachers trained?

Teaching candidates are chosen on the basis of their instrument playing ability, musicality, and energy. They must enjoy working with children and have great communication skills. There is a rigorous training period of 4-6 weeks with a senior staff member before graduating into the classroom.

Can I take a free trial class?

Absolutely! We encourage you to try out an age-appropriate class. Just call the studio and the manager will help you set up a date that is convenient for you and your child.

What distinguishes you from other music programs?

First of all, we use an age-appropriate curriculum to teach children. Each session, we work with our teachers to create a fresh thematic idea and plan, so that your child will never hear the same program twice during the years they attend our classes. We are also constantly researching better ways of presenting the program, using feedback from you and all our staff. Furthermore, we keep an eye out for developing news about children and music in order to stay on the cutting edge of this field.

How long are classes?

Classes meet for forty minutes once a week.

May I take more than one class per week?

Yes. Many parents elect to come to classes a couple of times a week instead of enrolling in pre-school.

Do parents or caregivers stay in class with the child?

Yes. During class, the teacher depends on the active participation of a parent or caregiver to help the child handle and manipulate each instrument. Since popular songs are frequently used, adults are asked to join in singing along. In this way, the parent or caregiver plays and important part in each child’s learning experience, which hopefully extends beyond the classroom setting.

Can I sign up after a session begins?

Certainly, we accept pro-rated registrations.

What is your make-up policy?

We offer unlimited make-up classes within a session. We understand that children’s schedules may be difficult to predict with changing nap times and other variables, so we offer unlimited make-up classes within the session. We reserve one spot in each of the ongoing classes to accommodate a make-up. This avoids overcrowding the classes, and maintains the integrity of each class. Just call the studio and the manager will be delighted to schedule a date.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund prior to the start of the session. After the first day of class, a 50% refund is issued. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Can I register a younger sibling with an older one?

While we encourage you to register your child in an age-appropriate class, we know that sometimes this is not possible for parents to do. With this in mind, we developed a Siblings classes so that the children can come to class together. The Siblings class is formatted to engage both younger and older children.

Is there a discount if I take more than one music class?

A discount of 15% for the second class applies if you register for a full 15-week session.

Is there a discount for siblings?

You must register the first child for a full 15-week session in order to receive a 15% discount for a sibling. The registration fee for the second child is waived.

How many students do you register in a class?

We register 10 children in a class and allow for a trial or a make-up to join in.

You have a distinct look to your locations. Who designed it?

The look of the studio was important in our minds when we first conceived of the project. To this end, we engaged the services of Yvonne Chu of Kimera Design Group. Inc. To bring to life our vision, Ms. Chu used her incredible sense of color and design, choosing colors and forms that children can easily engage and that stimulate their imagination.

How do you keep your place so clean?

During summer vacation, the studio is freshly painted. Each night a maintenance crew mops, buffs, vacuums, and dusts to provide a clean and sanitary environment for your child. In addition, between each class, all the instruments that the children play with are sanitized.

Do you sell the instruments that the children use in class?

Yes. As a convenience to the parents, we sell many of the instruments the children use in class. We have found that the children enjoy singing Hands On! songs and playing along with an instrument at home.

Do you have a CD and/or song booklet?

Not at the moment. Many of the songs that we present are from the popular children’s repertoire and may be found in the local library or a store. There has been much interest in our producing a CD and DVD, so we are considering it.

Do you give birthday parties?

Yes. Click here for more information.

Are you a franchise?

We began as a mom & pop operation. However, we have received many calls and requests to expand beyond Manhattan. We are expanding into this area while still maintaining the mom and pop feeling that is so important in the Hands On! experience.