Hands On! Closes After 20 Years

After 20 years, Hands On! A Musical Experience Inc. closes 529 Columbus Avenue on June 8th.

Hands On! was founded with the aim to educate and entertain young children through music. We have spent the last two decades instilling in children the love of music and building a knowledgeable and inspired audience.

We want to thank the many thousands of families that have supported us throughout the years. Our mission – to introduce music into your children’s lives as a foundation for their own music making and to increase their deep enjoyment of the art – has taken root. We wish you a lifetime of joyous musical experiences!


-Samari Weinberg

Founder, Hands On! A Musical Experience, Inc.

The Carnival Leaves Town

It’s been a wonderful Spring semester of playing with The Carnival of the Animals! Over the past three months, we’ve met so many amazing animals and instruments from the soft winds of the cuckoo to the stomping drum of the elephant. Now that all of our animals are together, we have a full orchestra! We would love to say thank you to all of our creative students who have made this semester so much fun. We have loved making music with you!