Glide on the Glissando of the Aquarium!

This week, we swam through the seas of the aquarium in “The Carnival of the Animals”. The Aquarium’s rippling waters are heard in the flutes and the soft strings. Their delicate and fast sounds bring the waves to our orchestra! Join us next week when we meet an animal with some very interesting ears!


Learn about winds with the soft sound of the Cuckoos!

This week, we are following the gentle footsteps of the cuckoo in “The Carnival of the Animals.” The cuckoo may be shy and only have two soft clarinet sounds, but they are a beautiful and important part of our animal orchestra. Join us next week to see who might be swimming by with their own unique sound!

Hear the boom of the Elephants!

Last week, we learned to march to the steady beat of the elephants’ double bass. Some of the creatures in “The Carnival of the Animals” have a frenzied dance, but we can always count on the elephants to stomp along to a strong drumbeat. Join us next time to find out what new animals and instruments also came to the carnival!