Hands On! Closes After 20 Years

After 20 years, Hands On! A Musical Experience Inc. closes 529 Columbus Avenue on June 8th.

Hands On! was founded with the aim to educate and entertain young children through music. We have spent the last two decades instilling in children the love of music and building a knowledgeable and inspired audience.

We want to thank the many thousands of families that have supported us throughout the years. Our mission – to introduce music into your children’s lives as a foundation for their own music making and to increase their deep enjoyment of the art – has taken root. We wish you a lifetime of joyous musical experiences!


-Samari Weinberg

Founder, Hands On! A Musical Experience, Inc.

The Carnival Leaves Town

It’s been a wonderful Spring semester of playing with The Carnival of the Animals! Over the past three months, we’ve met so many amazing animals and instruments from the soft winds of the cuckoo to the stomping drum of the elephant. Now that all of our animals are together, we have a full orchestra! We would love to say thank you to all of our creative students who have made this semester so much fun. We have loved making music with you!

Spring into Summer!

We can hardly believe it, but our Spring Semester is coming to an end and that means it’s only two weeks until we start traveling Around the USA with many fantastic American composers and instrumentalists! Are you signed up to join us on our journey? Email us at westside@handsonformusic.com or call 212-496-9929 to sign up now! Our Summer Semester starts June 8th and you don’t want to miss it!

Play along with the Pianists!

Our students are very familiar with this member of The Carnival of the Animals…it’s the pianists! Every class, our students play along with our own wonderful pianists who play the songs of all the other animals for them. The pianist is honored to bring the sounds of the animals to life when paws or claws make it a bit difficult to play an instrument themselves. We’ve only got a few more members to add…tune in next week to meet our newest animal!

Music Makes the Mules Race!

This week, we are learning the racing song of the Mules in The Carnival of the Animals. Mules are usually stubborn and slow, but music excites them and they go racing through the country side to the majestic blasts of the french horn! Join us next week as we meet our next instrument and animal! We’ve almost me the whole carnival, so you won’t want to miss it!

Swimming Sweetly with the Swans!

This week, we learned all about the grace of the swan. The swan glides gently along the water and is represented by the beautiful, long sounds of the cello. Check out what the swan song sounds like below and join us next week to find out about our next orchestral member!



Join us for our Summer and Fall semesters at Hands On! Email: westside@handsonformusic.com or call 212-496-9929 to register!

Our Summer session will run 6/10-8/17 and our theme is “Around the USA”! Register by May 25, 2019 for $50 off!

Our Fall session will run 9/4-11/27 and our theme is Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”! Register by 8/3/2019 for $75 off!

Glide on the Glissando of the Aquarium!

This week, we swam through the seas of the aquarium in “The Carnival of the Animals”. The Aquarium’s rippling waters are heard in the flutes and the soft strings. Their delicate and fast sounds bring the waves to our orchestra! Join us next week when we meet an animal with some very interesting ears!


Learn about winds with the soft sound of the Cuckoos!

This week, we are following the gentle footsteps of the cuckoo in “The Carnival of the Animals.” The cuckoo may be shy and only have two soft clarinet sounds, but they are a beautiful and important part of our animal orchestra. Join us next week to see who might be swimming by with their own unique sound!