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Last week Punchinello the traveling clown finished the story of Sleeping Beauty. We met the trombone and played Tchaikovsky’s Hunting Theme as the young prince searched through the woods for sleeping Aurora. When he finds the palace and awakens Aurora with a kiss, they have a big celebration of singing and dancing. We then met the cello and played Tchaikovsky’s Waltz. Stay tuned to find out where Punchinello will travel this week!



An Orchestra Adopts a City, One Kid at a Time

OrchKids is a free afterschool program in Baltimore founded by Marin Alsop, the musical director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Founded 10 years ago with just 30 students in a single school, OrchKids now reaches 1,300 students across 6 schools and has performed with musicians such as Yo-Yo Ma and Wynton Marsalis.

Alsop’s goal? To change the landscape of Baltimore concert halls and stages, which “don’t reflect the diversity of our communities” she once said in an interview.

OrchKids offers a respite from troubles that often come disturbingly close to home in a city that has seen more than its fair share of troubles.

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Sleeping Beauty

This week Punchinello the traveling clown visits France, where he tells us the story of Sleeping Beauty. Once upon a time, a baby princess was born in a palace. The King and the Queen invited 6 faeries to visit the baby princess to give her the gifts of beauty, wisdom and grace. Before the last and most important fairy, the Lilac Fairy, had a chance to speak, a wicked old fairy who was very angry to not be invited put a curse on the baby! She said that one day the princess would prick her finger and sleep forever! The Lilac Fairy steps forward and makes a promise – that the curse would be broken when a Prince wakes her with a kiss.

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