Bedtime Stories for Young Brains

Creating the opportunity for children to imagine nurtures abstract thinking and other skills, while also creating life-long memories. Read more via the New York Times here.

Apple Music and Beats 1

Streaming services are changing the way we listen to music and these services are affecting music royalties for artists.  This podcast discusses the somewhat complicated topic of music streaming.

A look into period-instrument playing

“So for the Mendelssohn performance, it may have been a simple matter for Ms. Ibragimova to turn her violin into a so-called period instrument, or something close. She used gut strings instead of steel and wielded a lighter bow. As for the changing pitch standards of Mendelssohn’s era, she and the orchestra settled on an A of 430 cycles a second, below the modern standard (440) but well above generally accepted Baroque pitch (415). The rest was up to Ms. Ibragimova and her playing.” Read the full New York Times Review of the Academy of Ancient Music playing Mendelssohn at the Mostly Mozart Festival.

Stradivarius found

“They are meant to be played by great artists. And so the Ames Strad — now perhaps known as the Ames-Totenberg Strad — will eventually be in the hands of another great artist, like my father, and the beautiful, brilliant and throaty voice of that violin, long stilled, will once again thrill audiences in concert halls around the world.” –Nina Totenberg

Read the full article here.

The journey of creating an opera

Opera as an art form survives and thrives in a reenactment of an intense moment in our history. Based on the popular book “Cold Mountain.” Coming to our area next year when Opera Philadelphia will perform it. Listen to the full story via NPR here.

Musicians launch campaign to save the bassoon

“At the moment, only about 1% of people on the street can even recognise this instrument,” he said. “I am always prepared for the fact that people won’t know what it is.” Our Hands On! children know what the bassoon looks like, and how it sounds! Check out the full article on what musicians are doing to promote orchestral instruments here!


Final Week for Fall Registration Special

boy with cymbals

Fall Session September 9th – December 5th

Register through August 1st to participate in our Special!

Sign up for a full session of music or music language classes by August 1st to receive $75 off a registration. Art classes available at our Tribeca studio.

This Fall, Hands On! will present our original program The Four Seasons, and our new music language program in Spanish, Los Cuentos de Mamina.

Call or email our Westside location or Tribeca location to register.

See you in class!