Experience Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”

Don’t miss as Hands On! presents its original program for music and art, The Four Seasons, a musical journey of nature’s spectacular changes through different musical perspectives, and our new music language program in Spanish, Los Cuentos de Mamina.

Spaces still available! Call or email our studio to register.

See you in class!

Hands On! music and music language classes are designed to include music, story, movement, and the exploration of all kinds of musical instruments. Each class is led by a trained teacher who sings songs and plays the instruments of the orchestra. A pianist accompanies the instructor. Hands On! art classes are a studio based experience led by a trained artist.


Meet our new art teacher Marissa

Marissa Crider graduated with a bachelor’s degree in painting and drawing from the Conservatory of the Visual Arts at The State University of Purchase.  Her paintings have been a part of shows in both Brooklyn, where she lives currently, and in her hometown of Rochester, NY.