"To educate and entertain."


Our original Hands On! curriculum is fundamental to our classes. It incorporates story, movement, instruments and song in a way that engages children to learn while at the same time having fun. Each session our music curriculum has a theme that is then tailored to each age group.


Ravel’s Bolero

Spring Session, March 13th – June 11th

Discover the magical world of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero with Lucy and her ever-growing orchestra! Lucy plays the Snare Drum, but is lonely playing all by herself. Luckily, each week, Lucy will meet a new friend who will play Bolero with her. By the end of the session, Lucy’s Orchestra will have grown to include such members as Flo on the Flute, Charlie on the Cello, and Toby on the Trombone. Play along with Lucy and her friends while learning some new songs and revisiting some old favorites. Check out our class schedule!


Sounds of New York

Winter Session, December 5th – March 11th

This winter, Hands On! A Musical Experience will present its original curriculum Sounds of New York based on the rich environment of our city! With so many sites and sounds to explore, we invite you to join us for an imaginary journey through Central Park, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Broadway, Yankee Stadium and other significant places, as we listen to and recognize the many sounds around us.

Our unique age-appropriate curriculum will introduce children to orchestral instruments and their sounds, as well as different musical genres as we visit the sites of New York through a rich repertoire of classical music excerpts, popular and folk songs, nursery rhymes and lullabies.

Our new puppet-friend, Mr. Policeman, will guide us to the different destinations by directing us through the many means of New York transportation: by train, by boat, by bus and by taxi. On the way we will learn numbers, colors, letters and geography by following the streets, avenues and subway lines.

Come and experience the dynamics of New York by feeling, listening and playing musical instruments! Play and sing along as we enjoy this journey together! Check out our class schedule!