"To educate and entertain."


Our original Hands On! curriculum is fundamental to our classes. It incorporates story, movement, instruments and song in a way that engages children to learn while at the same time having fun. Each session our music curriculum has a theme that is then tailored to each age group.



The ABC’s of Music

Winter Session, December 3rd – March 9th

Join us for The ABC’s of Music as the alphabet comes to life! We will meet the 26 letters through the exploration of over 31 different musical instruments from the Accordion to the Zither. Letters are represented visually and musically as we show them with the corresponding instruments of the orchestra, and then play songs composed especially for the program.

In keeping with our philosophy of educating and entertaining, our approach introduces children to musical instruments and concepts while also developing other skills such as the acquisition of language in a nurturing and fun environment. Our trained and talented teachers perform selections from all musical styles. Sing and play along with our original songs as well as some old favorites.

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Around the World

Fall Session, September 5th – December 1st

Join us this fall at Hands On! as we take a musical journey in our original curriculum Around the World. On our trip we will listen to the bagpipes of Scotland, experience the didgeridoo while visiting Australia, and see and touch the balalaika while in Russia. We will also travel to other countries from France to India.

Our journey will not only introduce the traditional instruments and songs of these countries, but also illustrate the play of dynamics, language, emotions, and storytelling through music. In addition, our special selection of children’s songs will help to develop important skills at every age. Through our curriculum, younger children will explore fine and gross motor movements, as well as contrasting sound recognition. Meanwhile, older children will begin to learn basic music notation, musical terms, and the names of instruments and their corresponding sounds and countries of origin.

A perfect way to learn about the world and our connection through music, come and travel with us!

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