"To educate and entertain."


Our original Hands On! curriculum is fundamental to our classes. It incorporates story, movement, instruments and song in a way that engages children to learn while at the same time having fun. Each session our music curriculum has a theme that is then tailored to each age group.


Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin

Summer Session, June 12th – August 23rd

This Summer Hands On! A Musical Experience will present a curriculum based on the children’s books of the esteemed author and the former New York Times WQXR-FM radio host Lloyd Moss!

Let’s read together Mr. Moss’ award winning children’s books, Music Is, Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin, and Our Marching Band, as we combine story and music in our original age-appropriate curriculum.

Let’s explore the rhythm and sounds of the orchestra guided by our puppet-friend, Mr. Conductor, who will present to us various classical orchestral instruments and musical genres, and lead us in our very own band!

Let’s touch, feel and listen to the instruments, and play and sing along to lullabies, folk songs and nursery rhymes.

In the words of Lloyd Moss, “Music exists everywhere, in countless forms, and can be fast or slow, loud or soft, haunting or uplifting. Some people dance to it, some write, play or sing it, and others just listen. Music’s power is that it touches everyone in different ways!”

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Peter and the Wolf

Fall Session, September 6th – December 2nd

This Fall Hands On! A Musical Experience will be presenting Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev.

Join us as we journey with Peter in the forest clearing as he tries to outsmart the wolf. Our specially formatted curriculum combines story and song. Each week, children will be introduced to a character from the story through its musical representation. A particular instrument and musical theme is associated with each character. The violin signifies Peter, the bassoon denotes his grandfather, and the kettle drums represent the hunters. The animals too have instruments associated with them. For example, the oboe characterizes the duck, and the French horn the wolf. The teacher, accompanied by a pianist, plays each instrument of the orchestra while children are actively engaged, listening and imaging. Children are encouraged to touch, feel and listen to the instruments and even play small-scaled ones themselves. Children begin to recognize the different sounds for each character, developing their auditory discrimination.

In addition to this musical theme, Hands On! presents its core curriculum, which teaches musical concepts by using a children’s repertoire of lullabies, folk songs and nursery rhymes. This original curriculum illustrates Hands On!’s mission of integrating theme with educational components in a way that initiates other learning such as the acquisition of language, listening and math skills, social understanding and personal discovery. A great introduction into the world of music, join us this session for our age-appropriate music classes.


Ravel’s Bolero

Spring Session, March 13th – June 10th

Discover the magical world of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero with Lucy and her ever-growing orchestra! Lucy plays the Snare Drum, but is lonely playing all by herself. Luckily, each week, Lucy will meet a new friend who will play Bolero with her. By the end of the session, Lucy’s Orchestra will have grown to include such members as Flo on the Flute, Charlie on the Cello, and Toby on the Trombone. Play along with Lucy and her friends while learning some new songs and revisiting some old favorites.