"To educate and entertain."


Our original Hands On! curriculum is fundamental to our classes. It incorporates story, movement, instruments and song in a way that engages children to learn while at the same time having fun. Each session our music curriculum has a theme that is then tailored to each age group.



Spring Session, March 12th – June 9th

Through the exploration of Instruments at Hands On!, a child experiences a symphonic instrument close up. A child hears the sound, feels the vibrations, and sees the formation and construction of each instrument that makes up an orchestra. This spring we will be introduced to a different instrument every week and listen closely to each unique sound, appreciating the qualities that define each. This is what Hands On! is all about. Join us for this musical experience!

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Ming’s Masterpiece

Winter Session, December 4th – March 10th

Come join us at Hands On! for our Winter Session featuring Ming’s Masterpiece. In this original program, we will go on a music-filled adventure with Ming, a young boy who discovers that the strings inside his piano are played by a friendly group of tiny animals. Watch (and listen!) as Ming meets the E-flat Elephant, the F-sharp Fox, the G Giraffe and many more! Featuring 12 new Hands On original songs, the curriculum will explore the world of sound and pitch, cultivating the innate hearing abilities that only young children possess!

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