"To educate and entertain."


Our original Hands On! curriculum is fundamental to our classes. It incorporates story, movement, instruments and song in a way that engages children to learn while at the same time having fun. Each session our music curriculum has a theme that is then tailored to each age group.


The Carnival of the Animals

Spring Session, March 11th – June 8th

This spring Hands On! A Musical Experience presents The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns. Our specially formatted curriculum combines story and song. Each week children will be introduced to a new animal through its musical representation as expressed by Saint-Saëns. The introduction of the elephant is depicted by using the large double bass. The teacher, accompanied by a pianist, plays the elephant section while children are actively engaged, listening and imaging. Children are encouraged to touch the instrument, feeling the vibration of the double bass when played, and to pluck the strings themselves. They will also have small-scaled stringed instruments to play. Each week a new animal and instrument is added, so by the end of the session, a full symphony is created in the finale movement. In addition to this musical theme, Hands On! presents its core curriculum, which teaches musical concepts by using a children’s repertoire of lullabies, folk songs and nursery rhymes.

This original curriculum illustrates Hands On!’s mission of integrating theme with educational components in a way that initiates other learning such as the acquisition of language, auditory discrimination and social understanding. A great introduction into the world of music, join us this session for our age-appropriate music classes.

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The ABC’s of Music

Winter Session, December 3rd – March 9th

Join us for The ABC’s of Music as the alphabet comes to life! We will meet the 26 letters through the exploration of over 31 different musical instruments from the Accordion to the Zither. Letters are represented visually and musically as we show them with the corresponding instruments of the orchestra, and then play songs composed especially for the program.

In keeping with our philosophy of educating and entertaining, our approach introduces children to musical instruments and concepts while also developing other skills such as the acquisition of language in a nurturing and fun environment. Our trained and talented teachers perform selections from all musical styles. Sing and play along with our original songs as well as some old favorites.

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