Meet the 11 Year Old Girls Whose Music Wowed the Philharmonic

Meet Camryn Cowan and Jordan Millar, 2 composers whose works were performed this Summer in Central Park by the New York Philharmonic as part of their outdoor concert series. There were tens of thousands of audience members, and they received a glowing review by the New York Times.

Here’s the twist – they are only 11 years old!

Camryn and Jordan are students of the Philharmonic’s Very Young Composers program, where they composed their works for a Harlem Renaissance-themed program earlier in the year.

Through this program, students start from scratch – learning the very basics of music – before eventually graduating to writing complex scores. In the process, they learn to become leaders. “They have to defend their pieces”, says founder Jon Deak. According to Mr. Deak, all children are creative. “People ask whether I’ve found the next little Mozart, and I say yes, I’ve found dozens of them,” he said. “They’re all over the place. We just need to listen to them.”

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