A Note-Worthy Instrument Collection, by Christopher Hornung

Christopher Hornung was only in elementary school when he picked up on an issue that plagues many public schools nationwide, including those in his Southern Californian school district: little to no musical instruments owned by the schools. Without enough instruments to loan to students, students are either forced to come up with the money for an instrument themselves or to forgo this activity altogether.

Now a senior at El Diamante High School, Hornung has made it his mission to fix this problem. He is a saxophone player in his school’s band and the marching band’s drum major as well as a Boy Scout on the verge of earning the highest honor awarded by the association, the Eagle Scout award. In order to earn this award, he has organized a drive to collect instruments for distribution across the Visalia Unified School District.

Hornung hopes to better the lives of children and teens through music. Being in band gives people a family, he says, and helps to build confidence and a sense of commitment. Click to read more.