Hands On! A Musical Experience offers age-appropriate music classes for children ages 4 months to 5 years using a specially formatted, instrument-based music curriculum. Our classes introduce children to musical concepts, instruments and activities that enhance other learning such as the acquisition of language, listening skills, auditory discrimination, social understanding and personal discovery. Hands On! classes are designed to include music, story, movement and the exploration of various musical instruments that children can see and touch.

Latest Announcements

Tuesday, January 27th Closed Due to Blizzard!

Due to the severe snow, wind and cold weather, Hands On! is closed today. For those children in Tuesday’s classes, we ask that parents or caregivers please call to schedule a make up.

Sign Up by December 13th for Winter Specials

Winter Session January 5th – April 30th Join Hands On! this winter for our original programs The ABC’s of Music, The ABC’s of Art, and our new music language class in Spanish, Masita in the Amazon.   Sign Up by December 13th for Winter Registration Specials!   Register for a full session of classes before… Read More

Reasons To Learn a 2nd Language In Infancy!

Grown ups trying to acquire another language ask themselves “why is it that learning a new language is so difficult as an adult, yet so easy for children?’ Read about William Alexander’s attempt to learn a 2nd language and the surprising results and information that come from his experience in “The Benefits of Failing at… Read More