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Music Classes for Children

Come join us at Hands On! for our upcoming Summer Session  featuring The Travels of Punchinello. In this original program, we will accompany Punchinello, the celebrated clown, as he journeys to many countries. Children will enjoy Punchinello’s many antics as he plays musical tricks and entertains us with his beautiful fairy tales drawn from various countries. Learn more about our curriculum and age-appropriate classes.


At Hands On! we believe in the importance of age-appropriate classes for children to fully attain an appreciation for music. Learn more about our age-appropriate classes for children ages 4 months to 5 years.

We offer music classes six days a week, morning and afternoons, as well as private lessons and birthday parties. Check our schedule and call our studio to reserve a class or event.

Hands On! A Musical Experience offers age-appropriate music classes for children ages 4 months to 4 years using a specially formatted, instrument-based music curriculum. Our classes introduce children to musical concepts, instruments and activities that enhance other learning such as the acquisition of language, listening skills, auditory discrimination, social understanding and personal discovery. Hands On! classes are designed to include music, story, movement & the exploration of various musical instruments that children can see and touch.

Latest Announcements

Hands On! Visits France

Last week we visited the country of: France! We visited France on our world map and learned that the Eiffel Tower is 1,063 feet tall! We sang the Allouette, met the French Horn, and perhaps the most exciting of all – the accordion! On the accordion we listened to La Vie en Rose and the Can… Read More

6 Amazing Women in Classical Music History

From England to Venezuela, from harpsichordists to activists, here are 6 women who have made exceptional contributions to the world of classical music. Click to listen to some of their compositions and read about their inspirational lives.