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Music Classes for Children

Join us this Summer for Around the USA! This summer we will meet New York City twins Annie and Andy as they spend their summer vacation traveling by RV around the USA with their grandparents. Our journey through the States will include taking a ride on the Tweetsie railroads, making a stop in Dollywood and traveling on steamboats along the Mississippi River. To accompany us on our trip each week, we will feature musical selections from famous American composers including Gershwin, Ellington, Foster and Sousa, which will be played on different instruments of the orchestra. Learn more about our curriculum and age-appropriate classes.


At Hands On! we believe in the importance of age-appropriate classes for children to fully attain an appreciation for music. Learn more about our age-appropriate classes for children ages 4 months to 5 years.

We offer music classes six days a week, morning and afternoons, as well as private lessons and birthday parties. Check our schedule and call our studio to reserve a class or event.

Hands On! A Musical Experience offers age-appropriate music classes for children ages 4 months to 4 years using a specially formatted, instrument-based music curriculum. Our classes introduce children to musical concepts, instruments and activities that enhance other learning such as the acquisition of language, listening skills, auditory discrimination, social understanding and personal discovery. Hands On! classes are designed to include music, story, movement & the exploration of various musical instruments that children can see and touch.

Latest Announcements

Hands On! Closes After 20 Years

After 20 years, Hands On! A Musical Experience Inc. closes 529 Columbus Avenue on June 8th. Hands On! was founded with the aim to educate and entertain young children through music. We have spent the last two decades instilling in children the love of music and building a knowledgeable and inspired audience. We want to… Read More

The Carnival Leaves Town

It’s been a wonderful Spring semester of playing with The Carnival of the Animals! Over the past three months, we’ve met so many amazing animals and instruments from the soft winds of the cuckoo to the stomping drum of the elephant. Now that all of our animals are together, we have a full orchestra! We… Read More

Spring into Summer!

We can hardly believe it, but our Spring Semester is coming to an end and that means it’s only two weeks until we start traveling Around the USA with many fantastic American composers and instrumentalists! Are you signed up to join us on our journey? Email us at or call 212-496-9929 to sign up… Read More